Audio, Video & Automation

About Us

Sync AVI began with a desire to present clients with premium audio, video and automation systems at a competitive price while providing comprehensive product knowledge and excellent customer service.


The SYNC team consists of experienced and knowledgeable individuals that are innovative and passionate about technology and continually educate themselves on the latest advances in the industry.

The employees of SYNC are ready to help you design and install your dream system using state of the art technology.


Integrity + Honesty

SYNC was built on the principles of honesty, integrity, and passion for what we do.  We are truly exited to design and install a system for you using reliable products from our many industry leading vendors.  Let us turn your home or backyard into a place of refuge that can be relaxing, rejuvenating, passionate, or party central by installing music, video, and lighting control systems that can be controlled anywhere with your phone or tablet.  You will be amazed at how we can transform your environment!

What We Do

Music is truly a gift from God.  It reduces stress, lifts your mood and arouses emotion like nothing else.  It brings back past memories and feelings when a certain song from the past is playing.  We can create this experience for you throughout your home environment with the ease of pushing a button on your phone. 

Movies are one of the few things left in life that can cause us to slow down and enjoy an emotionally bonding experience with others.  Let us create your in home theatre experience!  Build memories that will last a lifetime by making your house the place to be on a Friday night.  

Have you ever wanted your home to have the ultimate Super Bowl party experience, themed birthday, romantic getaway, or anything else you can dream up with the push of a few buttons?  How awesome would that be?  We can create these scenes with Savant and control your music, video content, room temperature, natural light levels, and the color and temperature of your lights to change your environment for each event.  We will even show you how to create your own scenes!


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Our Team

Joel - System Designer

Joel has been involved in the industry for over 25 years.  His expertise in integration has a long history of trials and errors.  This has made for choosing the right vendors and designs for our clients.  He loves to design in products like Sony and Savant due to their reliability and always being on the cuttingedge.  Joel often likes to mention that he would rather spend his weekends on the lake instead of behind a broken TV.

Rudi - Programmer / Technician

Rudi started his interest in the tech industry by joining a home automation company in Scottsdale, AZ, where he learned from start to finish the skills to equip a smart home with state of the art technology. He now resides in Spokane, WA, where he continues to stay on top of the latest innovative advances of a/v technology by attending annual conventions from top of the line tech companies. With over 12 years of expertise, he thoroughly enjoys supporting his clients by assisting them to create the perfect combination of equipment, skillfully tailored to their personal tech needs.